My art practice is content-driven. By that I mean that there are particular
    areas about our society, our politics, and our history that interest me and that
    I  explore via making art. I've made groups of work about income inequality,
    the legacy of slavery, 9/11, racial injustice, the Holocaust, Muslims in the US,
    immigration, and identity in a multi-cultural world. My work always begins with
    photographs. I use very ordinary types of imagery that picks up additional
    meaning from the other images that I include and/or texts. The context
    structures interpretation. The forms vary, though it's all work on paper,
    including photos, etchings, lithographs, collages, and book arts. I've created
    installations using combinations of images on paper and other materials, and
    participatory public art projects.

    I studied art -- primarily painting, drawing and printmaking -- in college and
    graduate school.   
Aileen Bassis