Aileen Bassis
Published and Upcoming:
I took my first poetry workshop in 2013 and have been writing poetry and
continuing to take workshops ever since.
I’m delighted that my poetry has found a home in the journals below.
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Online Publications:
  • Apeiron Review "Winter Begins in Berlin" Issue 6, Spring 2014
  • Blue Lake Review "Bronx" January 2014
  • Body Literary Journal "The Medieval Artist Pauses" September 2014
  • Canary Literary Journal "Turnpike Pastorale"
  •                                     "This City" Oct/Nov 2019
  • Eunoia Review "Pennies," "Still Morning" November 2, 2013
  •                                "Tributaries: Crossing Borders" May 2017
  •             A Journal of Poetry "On and Off the Dixie Freeway" August 2019
  • Gravel Literary Journal "Lost," "Poet," "Pentimenti," "Mother's Day Sestina"
    September 2013
  • Gris-Gris (Nichols State Univ., LA) "Night Drive" Summer 2014
  • Haggard and Halloo "Jersey Music" July 10, 2013
  •                         " Excerpts and Additions to A Plantation Owner’s Diary: Parts 1, 2  
    and 3," "In Casaprota," "Visitation"
  •              "Mineral to Marrow"  Fall 2017
  • Levure Litteraire "It May Be Like This," "Wend A Way Home," "Park Jam" No. 11       
  • The Literary Bohemian  "Bulgarian Pantoum" November 2014
  •                         Antioch Univ., Los Angeles "Portrait of a Slave-Owners Wife"
    Winter/Spring 2019
  • Marco Polo Arts Magazine "Sardines and Oranges" 2013
  • Mobius: The Journal of Social Change "In Serbia" Summer 2013
  •                                       "A Girl Who Was Born Without a Mother" October 20, 2017
  • The New Verse News  "The Bear No Longer Dreams" January 30, 2015  
  • Podium Literary Journal of the 92nd St Y Unterberg Poetry Center  "I Should Be
    Eating Madeleines" Issue 14
  •                                   "Bialowieza Forest" 2019
  • Really System "Pellucid Musing" Summer 2014 Issue 3
  • SPECS journal of arts and culture (Rollins College) "Picasso's Minotaur" Spring    
  •                "Sonnenizio with a line from Seamus Heaney" December 9, 2019
  • Two Hawks Quarterly "Man's Body...," "Questions for America" Spring 2018
  • Underwater New York: Poetry "Eels Swim," July 1, 2013; "Newtown Creek    
    Burning" September 24, 2013
  • Untitled, with Passengers "Continent" August 2, 2013
  • War, Literature, and the Arts "Vukovar Walls"  Issue 27, 2015
  • Willawaw Journal "Family History" Fall 2019
This poem, published 2018 by Darkhouse Books in the anthology
"Sanctuary"  has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize:

Drawing Home

Four lines make a square
without window or a door.                
No way in and no way

out. Can you call this
home? Draw more. Two                 
lines meet and slant. A roof

perhaps. Do you remember
when you pressed your thumb
against a splinter

to mark that place
with blood, held a fistful
of dirt from your mother’s

garden? Remember wind
against your face. Loud bursts
and air filled with wet

and flakes and flesh.
Have you smelled
metal burning?

Ask me about the touch of insect
legs, the spiral screech of birds,
the color of walls, my broken

cups, cracked bowls. There was
a shore where grey-black water
peeled back like skin

and pale foam glimmered hunger.
Gulls were sharp needles pulling
white thread through a cloth sky.

Find a way back for me. Draw
a map, show me where
to turn right or left.

Draw a door, draw
windows. Look, pigeons
are flying. What vibrates inside
each body to guide them home?
  • Amoskeag: The Literary Journal of Southern New Hampshire Univ. "Time Travel"
    Spring 2014
  • Exit 13 Magazine "Erie Street" Spring 2014
  • Grey Sparrow Journal "The Sun I Can't See," September 2015 print edition;  
    "Swimmer," "It's About Physics," online edition, September 2015
  • Katzenhatz (from Bank Heavy Press)  "Pennies"
  • The Milo Review "Photos on a Wall" Winter 2014
  • Minetta Review (NYU) "Possessions" Fall 2017
  •                                  "Waterkoude" Fall/Winter 2019
  • The Pinch Literary Journal "The Phantom"  Fall 2015
  • Pittsburgh Poetry Review "Spring Clean-Up Bill" 2017
  • Poeming Pigeon Press Anthology: "Cosmos" "From the Book of Fixed Stars"    
    Spring 2020
  • Poetry Quarterly "No Line Between," "Word Stumble Run" Winter 2013
  • The Red Branch Journal "Sur le Pont" Spring 2014
  • River Poets Journal "Linden Swamp" September 2013
  • The Seventh Quarry Swansea Poetry Magazine “The Persian Miniaturist in
    Palermo,” “Alice. B. Toklas: I Heard A Bell,” “Summer Afternoon on Fourth  Street,”
    “To the Lower Manhattan Skyline,” February 2016
  • Spillway Poetry Magazine "Russian Cathedral" June 2015
  • Still Point Quarterly "Pure Water" December 2014
  • Stone Canoe Syracuse University "Luncheon in Lagrasse" # 10, January 2016
  • Third Wednesday "Eclipse" Vol. XI No. 3
  • Water's Edge Press: "Everywhere a Little: A Migration Anthology" "Advice for
    Travelers" March 2019
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Here's a December 10, 2017 interview with me in Mud Season Review Issue # 33 by
poetry editor Grier Martin. I was one of six poets asked about my inspirations and the
act of writing poetry.
Two of my poems have just been nominated for a Pushcart Prize:
  • "Drawing Home" (reproduced below) by Darkhouse  Books   
  • "Excerpts and Additions to a Plantation Owner's Diary" by JMWW Journal