Aileen Bassis


At a residency in the Netherlands, I created several books and some collages
about multiculturalism.  I used images of foreign language newspapers that I
bought in Amsterdam in combination with pictures of Dutch individuals.  The text is
crumpled, disappearing into shadows and folds; text as an unreadable symbol, an
image of otherness and misunderstanding.
"Nederlands #4," 2008, (Partial
view)  This is an accordian book of
with images on both sides of the
page. Each page is 11" x  7 1/4"
"Nederlands # 2," 2008  This is a
simple book structure made of a
single sheet of a paper that's
folded to form an book. Each page
is 11" x 7 1/4" These are
lithographs from photocopies of
my orginal photogaphs.
"Nederlands # 3,"2008, A
book of lithographic prints
made from a single sheet
of paper. Each page is
11" x 7 1/4"