Aileen Bassis

"Art about Memory"

I've been interested in public art for a while, and have been tossing around  
ideas about how to design a project that would be inclusive, opening up the art
process to the public and opening my art-making to visual information that         
I didn't personally create.  

In June 2010, I created
"Memory Maps," a public art project that was part of a
weekend festival,
Figment2010, on Governors Island in New York City harbor. I
made a thin wire web, attached it between two trees, invited people to draw a
map, on clear acetate, of a place they remember, and then attached the maps
to the web I made. For a future project, I photographed them in the act of
remembering. Over 85 people stopped to make maps. To my surprise, I often
had people waiting for a clipboard and a chance to draw their map.
I used the photographs of people remembering -- and their maps -- to make a
group of work about
memory.  I made a long scroll using paper lithography
while at an artist residency in Spain,
This scroll is 24 inches high by 14 feet wide and is printed on Tyvek.
It was the focal point of my October 2010 window installation at
Chashama266, illustrated below in New York City.
Click for a larger view
ScrollDetails: click for larger view
I continued to work with these images and made a series entitled,
"Philosophers Remember" where I combined the images with
quotes from philosophers.

"Bergson" - 22 1/2 x 72 inches, paper lithographs with mixed media.
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"St. Augustine" - 2010, 22 x 60 inches,
paper lithographs with mixed media.