Aileen Bassis

"Time to Leave"
"It was time to leave
when we had nothing
to eat"
"It was time to leave
when fires burned"
"It was time to leave
when my child was
"It was time to leave
when no place felt
These etchings are from a series about immigration and migration. I'm
interested in examining at what point people decide to leave their homelands
for an uncertain future. Each print has a sentence that begins with, "It was time
to leave when…" This work looks out at the world, selecting and rendering the
space between the known and the unknown with text and images comprised of
both the real and the imagined, giving viewers the opportunity to reflect and re-
examine our society and forces shaping the lives around us.

Created 2018-19 with support from:
Puffin Foundation and Queens Council on the Arts