Aileen Bassis

"Man in a Hat" (2004 - 2005)

This series of photocopy transfer prints grew out of my Holocaust Books.  
The key to both was a photo taken in Antwerp, Belgium, of an Orthodox    Jewish
man on a bicycle. I used the outline of that image to create stencils for these prints.

I'm interested in the tension between the information in the printed images and that
idiosyncratic  shape. It's like a piece of a puzzle and the puzzle is the inexplicable
horrors that people can inflict. The relevance never goes away, but  keeps coming
back over and over in the ethnic conflicts that still rage, in the brutal acts
committed by US soldiers to prisoners of war, the dehumanization of the other.  

These prints are all on 22" x 30" sheets of paper.
I like hanging them in a continuous frieze of images and as single images.